Sparring is a very well known aspect of Taekwondo training and World Taekwondo style sparring is an Olympic sport. Used during lessons, grading exams and competitions, sparring places two people against each other with the goal of using Taekwondo techniques to score points. World Taekwondo style sparring requires competitors to wear a head guard, trunk protector, shin pads, arm pads and gloves. One competitor is blue whilst the other is red and points are scored from successfully making contact with a legal kicking technique or punch. Use the lins below or in main menu to learn more about the rules & setup of sparring as well as the equipment needed.


Learn more about the most commonly used rules and ring layout for World Taekwondo sparring. This includes how to score points, what penalties are given and the length of rounds.


As Taekwondo sparring is full contact, a range of equipment must be worn by participants. Here you can find out more information on what you will need to wear if you compete in World Taekwondo style sparring.

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