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So, for the past few weeks the Spinning Kick website has been getting a complete makeover! There’s still a bit to do and more guides to come, but hopefully you’ll find this website and the help guides much more user friendly.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes:

  • Poomse help sheets for all Taegeuk patterns
  • Help sheets for a huge range of kicks, blocks, strikes and thrusts
  • Updated shop with links to each product on Teepublic and Redbubble
  • New logo
  • Introduction of a training bank – you can check out training ideas, combinations and more!
  • A bigger, better blog

So, there’s been plenty of changes and more to come. Keep an eye out for the Dan Grade Poomse help sheets and new content for the shop and training bank. You can keep up to date with Spinning Kick on Facebook and Twitter as well as checking back on the blog.

What do you think of the new Spinning Kick?

Get in touch with comments & feedback!

The new logo…
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